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About Us

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The humble beginnings of Tian Cern (KL) Sdn. Bhd. (TCKL) dates to the pre-Japanese occupation time. What started off as a small provision shop in Johor, soon developed into a 2nd hand rug store during the British occupation where the British that were leaving the country, sold their carpets to Chop Tian Seng where it would then be re-sold to the locals.

Carpets were almost a necessity in most households post-war, plus it was a growing trend that fuelled the business. As time went, the business of carpet grew and soon Chop Tian Seng found themselves importing carpets from around the globe and distributing it locally. It was not long after that, that their reputation, through business, preceded them as the Swiss flooring company, FORBO, approached them to be their representative in Malaysia.
And this is how Tian Cern KL was born.

TCKL was established in 1995 with their first milestone, the Langkawi Hospital. From there they only grew in strength and through the years they have established themselves as a provider of high-quality flooring that combines style with substance, functionality with aesthetic superiority.

Some of their noteworthy projects include:

  • Gleneagles Hospital, Kota Kinabalu
  • Mindef Hospital
  • Pantai Hospital Bangsar
  • KLIA 2
  • Hyatt House

TCKL has the expertise and knowledge to design, implement and offer maintenance solutions for the most desirable flooring solutions that caters to any environment, plus its customized to each client’s needs. Being one of the leaders in the industry coupled with the wide spectrum of projects undertaken, TCKL is able to supply and source for unique products such as special-purpose materials with excellent impact or sound-absorbing properties, floors with low electrical resistance and even mosaic patterns for borders to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the end product.

To top it off, TCKL is also able to create thematic floors integrating company logos, artwork and other visual elements for clients who require additional customization requests.